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Articles about holiday villas in Cape Verde

July 1st, 2014

Surrounded by beautiful waters,an extended sandy beaches and peaceful country,Cape Verde remains a highly recommended holiday destination for tourists.Travelers on holidays to this beautiful nation are left with a numerous choice of villas to select from. Most of the luxurious holiday villas Cape Verde are on the Sal island while quite a good number are on the other different islands including Oasis Atlantico.

Among the wider choices stands the Santa Maria villas at the Sal island which is strategically located a few strides from the beach.This is a comfortable haven for those who love sun rays.Nevertheless,its quiet location and short distance from the Sal airport makes it an ideal holiday destination.

The Villa Oceanus in Lombo Branco Village is also another luxurious rental.Lying on a panoramic and crystal clear view of the sea,this awesome two bed detached villa with a maximum occupancy of four is such a great holiday deal.This is just a handful of what travelers need expect from the various Cape Verde holiday villas,so tremendous.